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The newly published Annual Report 2021 provides interesting insights into the work of TITUS Research in the past year. It informs about the tasks of the individual divisions, presents current projects, reports on event highlights in the past year and takes a look at overarching key topics such as Block Chain or the UrbanOS.

Annual Report 2021Although the company’s work in 2021 continued to be shaped by the pandemic and its effects, the development for TITUS was nevertheless a very dynamic one. The young company was pleased to have been awarded funding for exciting new projects, which are highlighted in more detail in the report.

Also presented are the four specialist departments at TITUS, each of which deals with different aspects of research into autonomous vehicle systems. Another important component of the report’s content are theses and position papers on overarching key topics that TITUS will address more intensively in the future as part of its activities.

The content of the publication is rounded off with an overview of the most important event activities in the past year and information on important contacts in the company.

Click here for the TITUS Annual Report 2021: