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ICAS stands for “Innovation Cluster Autonomous Systems” and is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy of the State of Brandenburg (MWAE) within the framework of the joint task “Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure” (GRW) with around 5 million EUR at 50% and supported by the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg GmbH (WFBB). The innovation cluster is supported by TITUS Research GmbH. It will initially run for three years, starting in November 2020.

R&D For Highly Automated and Autonomous Systems

The innovative research and development activities of ICAS are focused on unmanned autonomous vehicles and their ecosystems. ICAS brings together innovative and future oriented projects with actors from different disciplines that deal with highly automated and autonomous systems on land, water and in the air and the corresponding infrastructures.

These cooperations result in solutions for new fields of application, services and technologies. This is accompanied by significant contributions to the widespread introduction and use of digital processes and their sustainable expansion.

An Innovation Network in Brandenburg

Currently, 12 companies from Brandenburg and Germany are participating in the project, and other companies can join. ICAS offers them integration into a large innovation network and access to national and international research institutions and associations. This results in outstanding opportunities such as increased innovative capacity, stronger potentials and improved competitiveness.

ICAS currently has no equivalent in Germany or Europe. The innovation cluster offers the state of Brandenburg the opportunity to take a leading position as a “high-tech location” in the field of unmanned autonomous systems – and thus to increase its national and international visibility and attractiveness in the long term.

Prof. Dr. -Ing. Jörg Steinbach, Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy of the State of Brandenburg, explained: “With our support for this innovation cluster, we are helping to launch another important building block for the mobility of the future in our region. I am impressed by how many partners have already been won over for the project. This shows me that autonomous driving on the road, on water and in the air is high on the agenda of companies and scientific institutions alike. I wish the initiators of TITUS Research GmbH and all those involved every success – so that we can implement application-based solutions for modern sustainable transport in the state of Brandenburg as quickly as possible.”

In recent years, the district of Dahme-Spreewald has established itself as an up-and-coming location for technology, intelligent services as well as education. The Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region, the dense university and research landscape and the good regional infrastructure with the Schönefelder Kreuz interchange and BER airport offer excellent framework conditions for international companies that want to settle there, such as the American car manufacturer Tesla with its Gigafactory in Grünheide.