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On the occasion of the current mFUND project DataSOW, TITUS Research invited to the presentation of the first research results at the Waldhotel am See in Berlin-Schmöckwitz on Lake Zeuthen on 07 July 2021.

Away from the general public, efforts are also being made in inland navigation towards highly automated or autonomous operation. Nevertheless, there are major challenges in this area in particular, which are explained by the complex environmental situations, among other things.

Therefore, TITUS Research wants to make an important contribution with the DataSOW project so that inland navigation vessels can also operate autonomously in the future.

The current project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) as part of the mFUND initiative.

The event was opened by MDirig Andreas Krüger, Head of the Mobility 4.0 Division, BMVI, who emphasised the importance of research projects in the field of unmanned inland navigation. He also stated that the mFUND Innovation Initiative has been funding research and development projects around digital data-based applications for Mobility 4.0 since 2016 and has successfully networked stakeholders from politics, business and research.
The audience was also welcomed by Robert Schumann, Head of Department 42 Funding Affairs, Inland Navigation and Logistics at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Planning of the Federal State of Brandenburg, as well as by the Team Leader Transport, Mobility and Logistics of the Brandenburg Economic Development Agency (WFBB), Sylke Wilde
The invited guests were introduced to the research work of TITUS Research and discussed the issues surrounding autonomous inland navigation together with them. The project manager of the DataSOW project, Ira Hüppe, TITUS Research GmbH, made a technical contribution and presented the initial research results and the sensor platform specially developed for the collection of important data in a lecture.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Meurer presented the initiative “Clean Autonomous Public Transport Network (CAPTN)”, which was initiated by the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. Since 2018, it has united various activities of partners from society, business, science, politics and administration to establish an integrated inner-city mobility chain of autonomous clean modes of transport – on water and on land with water-land interfaces for local public transport.

Afterwards, Dr. Katharina Kolo, Optimisation, TITUS Research GmbH, gave a mathematical insight into the topic of “Optimal Control in the Context of Inland Navigation”.

At the subsequent get-together, the research boat together with the TITUS crew was presented at the landing stage of the Waldhotel am See.

Download der Vorträge

Vortrag Ira Hüppe

Erste Forschungsergebnisse (1,41 MB)

Vortrag Dr. Katharina Kolo

Optimale Steuerung im Kontext der Binnenschifffahrt (1,47 MB)