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At TITUS, we understand that the key to the success of autonomous systems lies in a holistic approach. Both infrastructure and user orientation must be taken into account. The area of infrastructures includes requirements that new process chains impose on infrastructure components, as well as the best methods for monitoring and controlling those systems.

Aerial from the 'Oranje sluizen' in Amsterdam

Locks can become a hurdle for autonomously operating ships

Our analyses cover not only the vehicle systems but also the entire ecosystem, which becomes necessary due to the increasing use of autonomous technologies. Whether agricultural land or urban transport networks, our expertise enables us to identify the specific requirements of each application scenario and develop the appropriate infrastructures for them.

We place great emphasis on identifying and removing physical barriers in the process chains. Whether it’s manual lock systems in inland navigation or the provision of energy for autonomous vehicles in sharing models, we strive to develop solutions that allow for smooth integration and maximum efficiency.

Communication of vehicles with their environment

The communication of a vehicle with its environment (V2X) is an important prerequisite for autonomous driving

Central aspects are communication and interaction. At TITUS, we pay special attention to the security of communication from vehicles to other system participants (V2X) and to cutting-edge technologies beyond 5G (B5G).