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In a world where autonomous systems are increasingly being utilized, human-machine interfaces play a crucial role. Therefore, TITUS Research places special emphasis on the development of customer- and mission-specific control centers. Special attention is given to ensuring that these are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly to enable seamless integration of autonomous systems into existing business processes.

An efficient interface not only allows communication with autonomous systems but also their control and monitoring. This includes enabling users to define mission objectives, retrieve the status of the autonomous systems, and intervene in the processes if necessary. To support decision-making, the interface also offers data analysis capabilities, alongside monitoring aspects.

Furthermore, if desired, TITUS Research enables the integration of interfaces into existing operating systems. A key concept of our work is the application of user-centered design. This means that in designing our interfaces, we always prioritize the user and their needs. Through feedback loops and continuous testing, we strive to constantly improve the user experience and facilitate the integration of autonomous systems into existing workflows.